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I have dreamt for some years about the possibility of becoming an author. At various times and in conversations with many of my friends, I have been encouraged by them to put some of my thoughts to print. I distinctly remember a conversation with an older friend, Eddie Harris, about beginning this journey into writing about any subject I felt might benefit from my unique views on these subjects. Ever since that day at the Monsho Bookstore near Central and Tampa Avenues, I have wondered if that dream would become a reality. Today, this dream has not only become a reality. I am now a published author with a few other works in the making.


The current publication, Dr. Cliff’s Notes on a Simple Studying Method That Works, seeks to empower students with the systematic tools of effective and powerful studying of any material. Even though I was a professor of mathematics at Valencia College for near thirty years, these techniques of studying will benefit students in any subject of endeavor. The range of students benefitting from these proven tools encompass those from first grade through graduate studies at any university. There is such a need for this kind of material in our current times as students jockey for the best grades to attract scholarships, fellowships, and grants toward the undergraduate and graduate settings at the colleges and universities.


Though I have shared these studying techniques with many students over the years of teaching at Valencia College, there is a particular time of sharing that pierced my thinking leading to this publication. I share this story with you now.

Last fall session 2017, a good friend of mine whose name remains hidden informed me of his child/student who was struggling at a Florida university. He particularly was concerned about a mathematics course this student was enrolled in. I spoke briefly with him about my studying techniques and suggested this might help his child/student. He asked me to share this studying technique with his child/student. He and wife accompanied me to the university where we had arranged to speak with his child/student. I had encountered the grandchild of another good friend and homeboy who also was interested in hearing of this technique.


After arriving at the university, we spent about 30-45 minutes together explaining how a $2 investment per course could change how they viewed studying and would enhance the possibility of obtaining top grades in their subjects. They appeared excited as I pointed out the simplicity of this set of studying techniques and marveled at how attainable these goals were. They would interact during the semester with some simple tools anyone could gather and engage the acquisition of course materials almost effortlessly. This method involved some pertinent research findings about how our minds work best in relation to the times we engage our minds. After answering their questions, we set out back to Orlando, Florida and our homes.

I kept up with the child/student of the friends approximately bi-weekly via mobile phone to check whether there were any residual questions. I found the student capable and seemingly comfortable with how the experiment was moving along. I was unable to contact the grandchild who also sat for the orientation to my studying techniques.


At the end of the semester, I received a text from the child/student containing her grade sheet showing a perfect 4.0 (all A’s) from the university. I cannot express how proud the parents were of their child/student behavior that semester. Even more so, I cannot imagine the impression this made on the student who tastes for perhaps the first time the president’s honor roll at the university. This kind of success breeds success and a continuation of excellence difficult to lose. I then sensed I must share this studying technique with others beyond my local setting in Orlando. There is, I am sure, those nationwide and even worldwide needing help in establishing a solid foundation of learning any subject with the simple, yet powerful tools of learning any subject via this method.


I hope this story inspires you to become a believer in the power of successful studying via this simple technique. You can do It! Many ahead of you have found success using these simple set of disciplined actions. I bid success for you and those you will raise as children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.

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